Connect to our GBC App 

One of the best ways to get connected at GBC is to sign up for messaging in our app. This opens up opportunities for group conversations and reminders of all that is going on at GBC.

Steps to Sign Up for Messaging

  • Download the GBC App
  • Click on the Message Icon
  • Sign Up with your email address
  • Click "Discover" in Messaging
  • Join "General Discussion"

Connect to YouVersion

YouVersion is a free Bible and Devotional Resource for anyone and everyone. It's available as an app on all of your devices, and also has a website for those who prefer to use their computer browser. Click below to start growing with YouVersion today!

Connect to RightNow Media

We are excited to provide to every member and friend unlimited access to an enormous library of Bible Study and Devotional materials. RightNow Media leads the industry with real, relevant teaching and has something for everyone... for every age group, including some amazing biblical cartoons for your children! This is free of charge and is something that we hope you use as a great home discipleship tool! Many of the studies found in here are ones that we use in LifeGroups and they have been a blessing! Get connected with RightNow Media today!

Connect to SmallCircle

SmallCircle is an excellent Discipleship Tool that we use regularly at GBC. It is included in our GBC App and is also available as an independent app for your devices. Below is a link to sign up. We hope you will check out SmallCircle today!

Once you have completed signing up for SmallCircle, contact us at GBC for information on how to connect to GBC in the SmallCircle App. Enjoy your journey into deeper and lasting discipleship!

Connect to Life in 6 Words

Life in 6 Words is an excellent tool to remind us all to be sharing the Gospel daily! It has everything you need included in the app, and is available on any device. Get connected with GBC in the Life in 6 Words app and start tracking your Gospel Conversations today!

Once you have completed signing up for Life in 6 Words, contact us at GBC for information on how to connect to GBC in the Life in 6 Words App. We can't wait to see the Kingdom impact you make as you share the GOSPEL with those around you! Lives are about to change, and you get to be a part of it!!